Managed Services

Performance Consulting Solutions offers a comprehensive maintenance program to keep your computers operating at peak performance. Proactive and preventive maintenance can drastically reduce the number of crashes and data loss as well as identifies and resolves issues before they occur. Let Performance Consulting Solutions give you peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

Key Service Components include:

  • Email and Telephone support
  • One site visit per month
  • Equipment relocation – Moving your equipment and making sure everything operates correctly
  • Refresh Service – Reformatting every 18-24 months keeps drivers up to date and effective
  • Managed Windows Update Service – Download, Install, and test the latest security patches
  • Spyware and Malware protection – Preventing and troubleshooting slowness due to infection
  • Virus protection – Updating your virus definitions to protect against the newly identified viruses
  • Device Setup – Installing and troubleshooting of printers, scanners and other devices
  • Asset Tracking – Keeping an up to date inventory list and track refresh cycles
  • Backups – Make sure that backups are being completed and checking data integrity
  • Hard disk checks – Clearing temporary cache’s to free up space and clear clutter
    Response Time:
  • Remote support, email, and phone calls will be returned within two (2) hours of notification.
  • Emergency onsite visits are normally within one (1) business day