Bradley Delp

Brad found his true passion for technology at the ripe age of 18. As a youngster, he began working in the corporate world and shaping his career. It is not everyone’s dream to become a member of the working class so early but Brad embraced it and worked his way up the corporate ladder. By the time he was 24, he was the IT manager of six offices in California in charge of maintaining operations, change management, purchasing, and budgeting. This was quite a climb for the hockey loving teenager that started. After reaching his goals at Jacobs (formerly Carter Burgess, Inc), he decided to embark on a new adventure, one that would push him to new levels and allow him to break free from the corporate world. It was at this time that Brad and partner David Lewis created Performance Consulting Solutions. Their goal was and still is to provide exceptional IT support while maintaining a high level of customer service. They strive to truly get to know each client and make IT fun. Departing the corporate world, and starting PCS he has taken his skills and scaled them down for small businesses, still utilizing the knowledge just on a much smaller scale. His passion is finding new ways to use technology to the fullest extent for clients. In the past years, Brad has obtained many clients which are truly a testament to his work ethics and passion for computers and all that is involved. They enjoy the professional serviced paired with the down to earth personality all while getting the problem solved. It is this combination that is the driving force for Performance Consulting Solutions.

(949) 650-4040 Ext 102